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Simon Boccanegra: more reviews

Ferruccio Furlanetto - "outstanding star of the evening"

Published February 1 2015

More reviews are coming praising Ferruccio Furlanetto's great performance

Der Neue Merker writes: “Outstanding star of the evening is once again Ferruccio Furlanetto as extremely dominant FIESCO on stage. With rich colors of his voluminous dark bass he shows deep refined emotion and believable revenge and pain feelings.” (Überragender Star des Abends ist einmal mehr Ferruccio Furlanetto als ungemein bühnendominanter Fiesco. Mit immer noch reichen Schattierungen seines voluminösen, dunklen Basses veredelt er emotionsreich und glaubhaft seine Rache- und Schmerzgefühle)

Der Standard: Als dessen Gegenüber Fiesco firmiert mit Ferruccio Furlanetto ein massiv-sonorer Sänger, dessen lyrische Abschattierungen fast ebenso verblüffen.

Die Presse: Als dessen Gegenüber Fiesco firmiert mit Ferruccio Furlanetto ein massiv-sonorer Sänger, dessen lyrische Abschattierungen fast ebenso verblüffen.

Simon Boccanegra will be streamed live today. Single ticket price is 14 Euro. Be aware that you must be registered and buy the ticket BEFORE the actual start of the performance in VIENNA, but you can watch the livestream on your place time.

Check the details and buy a ticket to the livestream of Simon Boccanegra.


Ferruccio Furlanetto in the Vienna State Opera Livestream season

Don't miss Simon Boccanegra, Don Carlo and Gala

Published January 30 2015

All Ferruccio Furlanetto performances during 2014-2015 season are livestreamed. Khovanshina already got public and press acclaim in November. In February don't miss Furlanetto in his two key Verdi roles: Fiesco in Simon Boccanegra (livestreamed on February 1). and Philipp II in Don Carlo (on February 25). He participates in Neil Shikoff Gala on May 3wich will be live streamed as well.


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Simon Boccanegra: first reviews are coming

Ferruccio Furlanetto reprises Fiesco in Vienna

Published January 23 2015

On January 21 Ferruccio Furlanetto performed the role of Fiesco at the stage of the Vienna State Opera for 51st time with the great success. His house debut with this role happened in 1990 in Giorgio Strehler production with Claudio Abbado in the pit. On that occasion the role of Simon Boccanegra was taken by Leo Nucci. Now after almost 25 years they are uniting again for four performances of Verdi masterpiece this time in the revival of Peter Stein.

First reviews are coming, praising great performance. The Kurier. reports: “Almost consistently outstanding cast remains the same for all dates. Above all, Ferruccio Furlanetto with his profound, powerful bass with warm timbre and multi-faceted vocal performance in the role of FIESCO. It is a pure joy to listen to him!” (Die beinahe durchwegs hervorragende Besetzung bleibt bei allen Terminen gleich. Allen voran Ferruccio Furlanetto mit seiner Kombination aus profundem, kräftigem Bass mit warmem Timbre und facettenreichem Stimmeinsatz in der Partie des Fiesco. Eine helle Freude, ihm zuzuhören!)

Wiener Zeitung: Ferruccio Furlanetto schöpft als Fiesco klanglich aus dem Vollen: Größer als das Leben, orgelt er den grimmigen Vater mit der Kraft eines Super-Komtur.

More reviews are coming. Next performances are on January 25, 29 and February 1.

More information and tickets at the Vienna State Opera.

To the live transmission.


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Simon Boccanegra: not to be missed

Ferruccio Furlanetto performs Fiesco with the great success

Published January 21 2015

Don’t miss Ferruccio Furlanetto in one of his signature parts: Fiesco in Simon Boccanegra to be seen at the Vienna State Opera on January 22, 25, 29 and February 1. In the protagonist part Leo Nucci, Gabriele Adorno - Alfred Kim and Stefano Secco, Amelia - Barbara Frittoli. The performance on February 1 will be streamed live on the Vienna State Opera site

More information and tickets at the Vienna State Opera.

To the live transmission.


Mussorgsky: Songs and Dances of Death are coming soon

New release of the Mariinsky label

Published December 12 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto joins Valery Gergiev and Mariinsky Orchestra to celebrate Mussorgsky with the release of one of his most cherished works Songs and Dances of Death.

Mussorgsky’s vocal cycle was recorded at the Mariinsky Concert Hall in 2010. You can find two other signature works of Mussorgsky on this CD - Pictures at an Exhibition and Night on a Bare Mountain (the original version). It is the second release of Ferruccio Furlanetto with Mariinsky label: the first one was highly successful Don Quichotte praised by the critics and nominated for Grammy. Ferruccio Furlanetto and Valery Gergiev never performed this cycle together on the concert stage which makes this release even more interesting.

Digital release date February 3, 2015. Physical release date February 10, 2015.

Available to pre-order now.


Opera News Awards to Honor Ferruccio Furlanetto

The list of recipients has been announced today

Published December 9 2014

OPERA NEWS editor in chief F. Paul Driscoll today announced the recipients of the 10th Annual Opera News Awards. This year’s honorees — Ferruccio Furlanetto, Piotr Beczala, Sondra Radvanosky, Samuel Ramey and Teresa Stratas — will be feted at a black tie gala celebration on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Previous Opera News Award Winners Martina Arroyo, Gerald Finley and Susan Graham are among the presenters.

Since the Awards’ inception in 2005 the honorees have been chosen by the editors of OPERA NEWS for distinguished achievement in the field of opera. Senior Editor Louise T. Guinther: “Ferruccio Furlanetto has a voice of gravitas, wisdom and authority, paired with an emotional palette that encompasses steely power, raging passion and tender vulnerability. At the same time, this great bass has maintained the lightness of touch to leave his indelible imprint on such comic roles as Leporello, Basilio and Figaro, and the seductive charm to melt hearts as Don Giovanni and even Emile de Becque in South Pacific—a dizzying spectrum of talents that mark him as a renaissance artist of the highest order.”

The musical guest for the evening is Stephanie Blythe will make a special appearance at the 2015 awards gala, performing in tribute to the five honorees.

To the Opera News.


“An erster Stelle ist natürlich Ferruccio Furlanetto als Iwan Chowansky”

More press about “Khovanschina”

Novemer 23 2014

More reviews about Mussorgsky’s “Khovanshina” (Chowanschtschina) are coming.

'Ferruccio Furlanetto brilliant vocally and theatrically as Ivan Khowanski (Ferruccio Furlanetto brillierte sängerisch als auch schauspielerisch als Iwan Chowanski)', - writes Nachrichten .

Der Neue Merker: 'Bei den Sängern gab es keinen Ausfall und einige bemerkenswerte Leistungen. An erster Stelle ist natürlich Ferruccio Furlanetto als Iwan Chowansky zu nennen, der die Rolle mit seiner gesamten Persönlichkeit ausfüllt und auch stimmlich einen hervorragenden Abend hat'. (Heinrich Schramm-Schiessl)

Tiroler Tagezeitung : 'Einhelligen Jubel gab es hingegen für die Sänger, an deren Spitze Ferruccio Furlanetto als Iwan Chowanski, der mit seinem ungebrochen macht- wie saftvollen Bass ein Meisterstück abliefert'.

The Bachtrack adds: 'Khovanshchina also offers ample opportunity for massive, haunting and grandiose vocal display, beautifully realized by a remarkable cast led by Ain Anger (Dosifey), Elena Maximova (Marfa) and Ferruccio Furlanetto (Ivan Khovansky). All three are incredibly musical and have voices with exceptional strength, beauty of timbre and richness to such a degree that it is almost unfair to discuss anyone else on stage with them in the same paragraph'.

And Andrey Zolotov in Russian RIA Novosti: 'The main hero of the Vienna premiere became Furlanetto - a world-known Italian bass, who are deeply devoted to the Russian repertoire'.

To the Vienna State Opera.


Khovanshina in Vienna: first reviews

Published November 19 2014

Mussorgsky‘s Khovanshina returned to the Vienna State Opera after 25 year of absence with great success. Ferruccio Furlanetto debuted in the protagonist part under the baton of Semyon Bychkov in the modern staging of Lev Dodin. In the other roles: Christopher Ventris, Herbert Lippert, Andrzej Dobber, Ain Anger, Elena Maximova, Lydia Rathkolb, Norbert Ernst, Caroline Wenborne, Marcus Pelz, Marian Talaba, Wolfram Igor Derntl.

The Kurier repots:“magnificent Ferruccio Furlanetto as Ivan Khowanski is more than legitimate, worthy and logical Ghiaurov successor (... mit dem grandiosen Ferruccio Furlanetto als Iwan Chowanski gibt es einen mehr als legitimem, würdigen und logischen Ghiaurov-Nachfolger).

Wiener Zeitung named Furlanetto „bombastic“

Ferruccio Furlanetto vocally and artistically expansive Prince Chowanski is doing an equally sonorous, powerful bass with same opponent in Ain Angers Dossifei, who leads the Old Believers. (Ferruccio Furlanettos vokal wie gestalterisch raumgreifender Fürst Chowanski findet dabei einen gleich sonoren, gleich durchschlagskräftigen Bass-Gegenspieler in Ain Angers Dossifei, der die Altgläubigen anführt), - Die Presse

Ferruccio Furlanetto as well brings enormous vocal weight and musical complexity to the tortured role of Khovansky too, - Art Info

Ferruccio Furlanetto, the Italian prince of the basses, sings the mighty prince Khovansky… with ruling power, volumnous sound, belcanto giant voice and great acting. (Ferruccio Furlanetto, der italienische Fürst der Bässe, singt den mächtigen Fürsten Chowanski, über den der Zar Peter der Große die Chowanschtschina, die Todesstrafe, verhängt: souverän, mit schallmächtiger, belcantesker Riesenstimme und auch schauspielerisch ein Ereignis) - OE24

"With vigorous, dark bass tones Ferruccio Furlanetto records the Prince Ivan Chowanski as despotic violence man with vocal force" (Mit kraftstrotzenden, finsteren Basstönen zeichnet Ferruccio Furlanetto den Fürsten Iwan Chowanski als despotischen Gewaltmenschen), - Kleine Zeitung


Photo Mikhael Poen

“Russian Premiere for the Star Bass”

Mussorgsky’s “Khovanshina” opens at the Vienna State Opera today

Novemer 15 2014

Highly anticipated premiere of Mussorgsky’s “Khovanshina” (Chowanschtschina) about Khovansky rebellion against Peter the Great premiers today. Don’t miss Ferruccio Furlanetto debuting in the protagonist part. In advance of his first Prince Ivan Khovansky performance he gave several interviews to the Austrian press.

Ferruccio Furlanetto's piece about his work on the part was published in the November issue of the monthly Wiener Staatsoper magazine PROLOG . He writes in it about the character – strong and manly, powerful as a tsar, revealing also some technical details (in spite of the high tessitura of the part it fits the voice well and he sings it easily). Ading about his work with Semyon Bychkov on the musical side, who suggested a softer, less militaristic touch to the role. And of course - about Mussorgsky: “The way how he envisaged social and human problems, addressed them to us, how he captured details and real life on a sheet of paper is impressive to nowadays, he was far ahead of his time.” Furlanetto compares Mussorgsky with Mozart "in the sense that Mussorgsky as embodying a dimension of his own, his own planet. Mussorgsky was his incredibly far ahead of time, and no one could understand him properly how we could today.”

Der STANDARD reflected on Ferruccio Furlanetto’s piece in PROLOG : “It is not every day that a protagonist of an opera premiere speaks in a text form about the piece” publishing in addition a big interview of a singer, where he speaks not only about his current work, but remembers Karajan and good old days.

A feature in the OE24 was titled: “Russian premier for the Star Bass”.

A small article also appeared in the Kleine Zeitung where Ferruccio Furlanetto shared his fashination with the part of Khovansky. And Domenique Meier revealed some information about future seasons: Furlanetto will sing Banco in Macbeth and Gremin in Eugeny Onegin. Staaatsoper's director also told this newspaper that he have serious consideration about Pizzetti’s “Assasinio nella Cattedrale” since he already have his Thomas Becket.

Don’t miss Khovanshina at the Wiener Staatsoper (More information and tickets here) .

Or on the air in a live broadcast from the premiere by ORF on November 15 at 18-30.

And live in HD at your home on November 21, 18-30 by Wiener Staatsoper live


Modest Mussorgsky

Ferruccio Furlanetto debuts as Khovansky in Mussorgsky Khovanshina

“Khovanshina” premiers on November 15

9 novembre 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto debuts in the role of Prince Ivan Khovanskiy in Mussorgskiy's Khovanschina, presented in the new staging of Lev Dodin under the baton of Semyon Bychkov at the Wiener Staatsoper.

The first performance of “Khovanshina” on November 15 will be broadcasted live via Austrian state radio ORF.

The performance on November 21 will be transmitted live in HD quiality via Internet at the Wiener Staatsoper site.

Ferruccio Furlanetto in the role of Prince Ivan Khovansky, Christopher Ventris – Prince Andrey Khovansky, Herbert Lippert - Prince Vassili Golizyn, Andrzej Dobber - Bojar Schaklowity, Ain Anger – Dossifei, Elena Maximova - Marfa.

Find out more and buy tickets at the Wiener Staatsoper web-site


Ferruccio Furlanetto at the Wiener Staatsoper live CD

Orfeo November release

November 9 2014

The new release of ORFEO coming out in November presenting Ferruccio Furlanetto in his two favorite parts at the Wiener Staatsoper - Boris Godunov in the Mussorgsky's opera and Philipp II in Verdi's Don Carlo.

This release is prepeared in colloboration of Orfeo, Wiener Staatsoper and ORF.


Ferruccio Furlanetto will receive Oscar della Lyrica

The list of recipients announced in Milan today

Published October 30 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto is among the recipients of this year’s opera Oscars, the International Opera Awards. The awards are established by the Arena di Verona Foundation and will be given on December 12 during the ceremony and Gala-concert at the Katara Amphitheater in Doha, Qatar.

Other winners: Maria Agresta (soprano), Renato Bruson (baritone), Francesco Meli (tenor), Marianna Pizzolato (mezzosoprano), Alberto Gazale (bariton), Gustavo Dudamel (conductor), Damiano Michilieletto (director) and Lorenzo Cutuli (set designer). Special awards: Carlo Bergonzi (in Memory), Renato Bruson (career), Samantha Sapienza and Vincenzo Constanzo (New generation)


Ferruccio Furlanetto - Cavaliere di Verdi

Published October 21 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto received a title of Cavaliere di Verdi (Verdi Knight) during the Fuoco di gioia – benefit concert organised by the Club dei 27 during annual Verdi Festival in the Teatro Regio di Parma..He became the first bass who was honored by this award and was greeted on the occasion by other Verdi knights – Mirella Freni and Donato Renzetti. Ferruccio Furlanetto “grateful and almost moved”, - as indicated, - performed two arias “Infelice, e tuo credevi” from Ernani and “Ella giammai m’amò”, wich closed the evening. He sang this aria at the Teatro Regio for the first time at the beginning of his career during the final concert of the contest Voci Verdiane .




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