Bravo for the Winterreise

Ferruccio Furlanetto sang Schubert’s Winterreise in Vienna

Published November 29 2015

Ferruccio Furlanetto sang Schubert’s Winterreise at the Wiener Staatsoper with the great success. Ovations, numerous ‘Bravo’ calls and long line of the fans to get autograph at the backstage door.


Fürst der Bässe heute live

Ferruccio Furlanetto sings Schubert’s Winterreise in Vienna

Published November 24 2015

Ferruccio Furlanetto singsWinterreise at the Vienna Staatsoper today. Igor Tchetuev at the piano.

The daily popular newspaper Österreich outlines much anticipated performance with the title “The Prince of the Basses in Vienna Today” and writes “The Italian Prince of the Basses, world known for his Boris Godunov and Philipp II in Verdi’s Don Carlo will interpret 24 Schubert’s songs".

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Photo I.Sakharov

Winterreise ist für mich das Paradies

Ferruccio Furlanetto in the Prolog interview

Published November 21 2015

Ferruccio Furlanetto’s interview conducted by Andreas Lang was published in the November Prolog – monthly Wiener Staatsoper magazine. The whole layout is dedicated to his vision of the Winterreise: Ferruccio Furlanetto performance of the Schubert’s cycle on November 24 is very much anticipated at the House of the Ring. Igor Tchetuev at the piano.

The Italian bass confesses that Winterreise is simply paradise to him, like Massenet’s Don Quichotte or Boris Godunov byMussorgsky. The first idea of singing Winterreise came from Alexis Weisenberg, but it took long time until he brought it to the world stages. The only inspiration which he got from the other interpreters of this cycle was from the Hans Hotter’s recording of it done in 1942.

Being may be the only Italian who ever sang or recorded this cycle, Furlanetto understands that technically Winterreise is “no particular challenge, and it is possible to perform it three times a day, without any vocal injuries. The real difficulties lies in finding the myriad colors, in the working out and conveying the respective song atmosphere. And after an hour and a half which takes to perform this cycle you feel completely exhausted, because of the psychology and emotional tension which these 24 songs requires from the interpreter”.

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Original Interview at the Wiener Staatsoper blog


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The Concert Season is About to Start

Ferruccio Furlanetto sings Schubert’s Winterreise in Vienna

Published November 13 2015

Don't miss Ferruccio Furlanetto's first Winterreise in Vienna. On November 24 Italian bass sings Schubert’s cycle on the stage of the Wiener Staatsoper. At the piano – Igor Tchetuev.

Ferruccio Furlanetto had recorded the cycle for the Prestige Classics Vienna in 2011 and performed it with great success at the Mariinsky Concert Hall in St.Petersburg, at La Scala, at the Palais Garnier, Paris, at the Carintische Sommer Festival .

Willi Rainer in the “Kleine Zeitung” wrote about the performance at the Carintische Sommer Festival : “Ferruccio Furlanetto, acclaimed bass on the world operas stages, travelled in the darkened country of the soul, full of grief, pain, depression, longing for death. With sonorous voice despite of its fullness and dark timbre, he did justice to the fragile architecture of the Schubert’s work with the deep and concentrated interpretation.”

In advance of his concert appearance on November 20 Ferruccio Furlanetto will talk with the Director of the Wiener Staatsoper Domenique Meyer at the Walfischgasse Theatre.

On November 15 you can also listen to Furlanetto other program – Rachmaninov’s and Mussorgsky’s songs recorded live during his recital at the Grand-Théâtre de Genève on January 12 2014


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“Eine große Bassstimme in dieser kleinen Rolle”

Final press report

Published November 9 2015

Ferruccio Furlanetto has finished his Eugene Onegin run at the Wiener Staatsoper with the great success. In the cast: Anna Netrebko (Tatiana), Christopher Maltman (Eugene Onegin), Dmitry Korchak (Lenski), Ferruccio Furlanetto (Prince Gremin), Zoryana Kushpler ( Olga), Aura Twarowska (Filipjewna), Marcus Pelz (Hauptmann und Saretzki), Pavel Kolgatin (Triquet). Conductor - Patrick Lange . Director - Falk Richter.

From the press about last performances: "Der italienische Superbass Ferruccio Furlanetto singt den Fürsten Gremin, dessen Liebes-Arie für Tatjana mit Bravos gefeiert wird“. – OE24

Ein Luxusbesetzung hörte man in der großen Arie des Fürsten Gremin: Ferruccio Furlanetto! Nicht tiefschwarz, aber mit Würde und Stil vorgetragen, eine große Bassstimme in dieser kleinen Rolle. Ernst Kopica, MERKER Online

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Photo M.Pöhn/W.Staatsoper

“Jubel und Ovationen!”

Ferruccio Furlanetto sings Gremin with a great dignity

Published October 28 2015

More press about Eugene Onegin at the Wiener Staatsoper:

So würdig wie glaubwürdig wirkte Ferruccio Furlanetto als Fürst Gremin Stefan Ender, Der Standard

Fürsten Gremin mit dem Längst Legendären Ferruccio Furlanetto besets ist, darf als purer Luxus gelten Prince Gremin with the longest legendary Ferruccio Furlanetto is besets, may be considered pure luxury Peter Jarolin, Kurier

Und Ferruccio Furlanetto ist wie immer ein edler, gefühlvoller Fürst Gremin mit großer Würde.Helmut Christian Mayer

All in all legendary and luxery Ferruccio Furlanetto is always noble Gremin with a great dignity. You can still catch performances in Vienna on November 2 and 5.



“Ferruccio Furlanetto as Gremin completes the event”

With grand success

Published October 26 2015

The sensational Eugene Onegin with the stellar cast (Anna Netrebko, Christopher Maltman, Dmitry Korchak and Ferruccio Furlanetto) at the Wiener Staatsoper received thunderous applause, numerous bravo calls and standing ovation.

The famous Prince Gremin aria performed by Ferruccio Furlanetto put the house down. The reports that Ferruccio Furlanetto has everything what a bass on the operatic stage needs: depths, warm tones and power. And he plays Gremin. “ Ferruccio Furlanetto verfügt über alles, was ein Bass auf der Opernbühne braucht, Tiefen, warme Klangfarben und Darstellungskraft. Und die spielt er als Gremin ganz aus".

Die Presse writes about Gremin aria in Furlanetto interpretation as "Luxurious, with the understanding wich goes to a deepest layers with beautifully sounded phrases" “ Luxuriös, versteht sich, auch die bis in tiefste Lagen klangschönen Phrasen in Ferruccio Furlanettos Gremin-Arie".

Next perfomances on October 28, November 2 and 5.


“The Prince of the Basses sings Prince Gremin”

Luxury casted Eugene Onegin with Ferruccio Furlanetto at the House on the Ring

Published October 23 2015

Just finished his first appointment of the season – Banco at Verdi’s Macheth Ferruccio Furlanetto is rehearsing Prince Gremin in Eugene Onegin at the House on the Ring which opens on October 25 with the following performances on October 28 and November 2 and 5.

Due to all-star cast: Tatiana – Anna Netrebko, Eugene Onegin - Christopher Maltman, Dmitry Korchak – Lenski and Ferruccio Furlanetto – Prince Gremin all four evenings of Patrick Lange's production are sold out. “Der italienische Fürst der Bässe Ferruccio Furlanetto singt den Fürsten Gremin” – OE24 announces.

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Ferruccio Furlanetto at the „40 JAHRE FREUNDE DER WIENER STAATSOPER“

Program, photos and TV footage

Published October 21 2015

On September 26 2015 KS Ferruccio Furlanetto participated in the Gala-concert for the 40 years anniversary of the Friends of the Wiener Staatsoper „40 JAHRE FREUNDE DER WIENER STAATSOPER“ with KS José Carreras, Aida Garifullina, Elena Maximova, George Petean, KS Ruggero Raimondi, Saimir Pirgu and KS Heinz Zednik. At the piano – Kristin Okerlund.

During the Gala Ferruccio Furlanetto performed „Ella giammai m’amò” from Don Carlo and Prince Gremin aria from Eugene Onegin.

Full program of the evening, photos and footage from the ORF here


Ferruccio Furlanetto perfoms at 'Ramon Vargas & Friends' Recital

Getty Images from the charity recital

Published October 20 2015

Ferruccio Furlanetto perfoms at 'Ramon Vargas & Friends' Recital in favour of Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia Onlus and Fondo Memorial Eduardo Vargas for disabled children in Haiti and Mexico at Teatro Regio on October 19, 2015 in Turin, Italy. Operatic arias and duets with Ramon Vargas, Barbara Frittoli and George Petean. Giulio Laguzzi at the piano.

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Ferruccio Furlanetto in the Interviews

Recent interviews to Die Presse and Il Piccolo

Published October 18 2015

Ferruccio Furlanetto who is currently singing Macbeth at the Vienna State Opera and celebrating 30 years on stage of this great theater, gave interviews to Die Presse and Il Piccolo.

Von Judith Hecht from Die Presse is digging deep: the conversations circles about man’s home (Born in Friuli Ferruccio Furlanetto reveals that his true home now is in Vienna and favorite city is London), man’s believes (He is not a believer, since religion was always used for some purpose: politics, money, war. And after playing King Philipp II so many times, he understands well how his hero used these advantages of the religion. Not least, for the colonization of America, when he killed with the blessing of the church millions of people.)

Ferruccio Furlanetto also recollects some personal memories about his mother, who passed away this spring, tells about two dream roles which he would never sing, opens a secret of his future appointment in 2017 and a new role (during the Salzburg Festival he will perform Boris Timofeevich in Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mzensk for the first time with Mariss Jansons. And it will be not only the new role to add to the rooster, but also his first approach to the music of Dmitry Shostakovich).

Ferruccio Furlanetto will be soon singing his first and much anticipated Winterreise in Vienna on November 24., but he is already working on his next Lied program with Schumann and Brahms'Vier ernste Gesänge. But he will take all time he needs until he will present them to the public.

In the Italian interview done by Flaminio Bussotti in Il Piccolo you can enjoy Ferruccio Furlanetto speaking in his native tangue.


Studio Walfischgasse opens it’s doors

Conversation with Ferruccio Furlanetto

Published October 14 2015

Another event to mark 30 years at the stage of the Wiener Staatsoper: Ferruccio Furlanetto in the conversation of with the director of the Wiener Saatsoper Dominique Meyer at a new venue at the Walfischgasse Theatre.

The inauguration of the new Wiener Staatsoper venue will take place on Saturday, 17th of October 2015 (11:00 am) with the revival of Albert Lortzing’s Undine in Alexander Medem’s fairy tale-like production. But aside from children’s opera performances many debates, information projects, lectures and readings will take place at the Walfischgasse Theatre. On Friday, 20th of November 2015, 6:00 pm The KS Ferruccio Furlanetto talks to the director of the Wiener Saatsoper Dominique Meyer.

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Photo M.Pöhn/W.Staatsoper

Macbeth in the Live Stream

With phenomenal Ferruccio Furlanetto

Published October 12 2015

Don’t miss Ferruccio Furlanetto in the highly acclaimed and sold out performance of Macbeth on October 13. It will be live streamed at the Wiener Staatsoper site. You can watch it in your local time. The director of the 7th Macbeth production in the House at the Ring is Christian Räth. In the pit -- Alain Altinoglu. In the main parts: George Petean (Macbeth), Ferruccio Furlanetto (Banco), Tatiana Serjan (Lady Macbeth), Jorge de Leon (Macduff), Jinxu Xiahou (Malcolm).

From the latest press:

Phänomenal orgelt Ferruccio Furlanetto mit schwarzem Bass den Banquo (Ernst Naredi-Rainer, Kleine Zeitung)

Ferruccio Furlanetto gebührte als Banquo die Sängerkrone das Abends. Ein Sänger der alten Schule, wußte er sie jedoch legato zu führen und jeder Phrase die ihr zustehende Bedeutung zu geben. (Thomas Prochazka, MERKER Online about second performance of Macbeth)

Ungemein edel erlebt man den Bass von Ferruccio Furlanetto als Banquo, einer der besten des Abends, der leider viel zu früh ermordet wird.(von Helmut Christian Mayer, Der Neue Merker about Macbeth-3)

More press

To the live stream


Ferruccio Furlanetto at the Schloss Schönbrunn

For the Children of the World

Published September 11 2015

On October 1 Ferruccio Furlanetto was a guest-star at the charity concert held at the Grand Gallery of the Schloss Schönbrunn. The concert was held by the Mary's Meals organization, which provids food for the children in the poorest countries in the world, and went under the motto "Children for Children".

Musically gifted children, the winners of numerous music competitions, participated in this sold-out event attended by a brilliant concert audience. The highlight of the evening was King Philipp’s aria from Verdi’s Don Carlo sang by Kammersänger Ferruccio Furlanetto a great favorite of Vienna public. It made the Grand Gallery of Schönbrunn Palace vibrate and was met with a thunderous applause.

Ferruccio Furlanetto was accompanied by Kristin Okerlund at the piano and Christophe Pantillon on cello.

Find out more

On October 19 Ferruccio Furlanetto is announced as a guest-star in the Gala “Ramon Vargas and Friends” held in Teatro Regio Torino for disabled children in Mexico and Haiti.



In Honor of Ferruccio Furlanetto

Evening at the Italian Embassy

Published October 6 2015

An Italian Embassy in Vienna held an evening honoring Ferruccio Furlanetto – great contemporary bass, famous all over the world.

At the event were present Minister of Justice Wolfgang Brandstetter, head of the National Bank Ewald Nowotny, ex vice cancellor and Minister of Foreghn affairs Michael Spindelegger, recently nominated as General Director of the International Center for the Migration Policy Development.

One of the initiators of the event was Paolo Fazioli, President of the Fazzioli pianos, exellent instruments made at the Ferruccio Furlanetto birth place in Sacile (Friuli Venezia Giulia).

It was also a political event, promoting these territories of Italian excellence, bringing forward Italian Embassy in Austria. Country for which Italy is an important commercial partner.


Ferruccio Furlanetto is an impressive sonorous Banquo

More press, photos and trailer

Published October 6 2015

More press about Macbeth premiere:

Ferruccio Furlanetto ist immer noch ein beeindruckend volltönender Banquo (Ernst P.Strobl, Salzburger Nachrichten)

Ferruccio Furlanetto sicherte als Banquo dem Abend Weltklasse-Bassglanz (Tiroler Tageszeitung, Von Stefan Musil)

Glanzlichter dieser Premiere waren die russische Sopranistin Tatiana Serjan als Lady Macbeth, Macbeth himself George Petean und der diese Woche sein dreißigjähriges Staatsopern-Bühnendebüt feiernde Kammersänger Ferruccio Furlanetto. (

Photos from the premiere by K.Schiffl


Der Große Ferruccio Furlanetto als Banquo

Press for the Macbeth's premiere

Published October 5 2015

The premiere of Macbeth at the Vienna State Opera became great success for all of the cast and production team.

Ferruccio Furlanetto sang his first Banquo at the house, George Petean debuted with the role of Macbeth, Tatiana Serjan (Lady Macbeth) debuted in the House and Jorge de León also sang Macduff for the first time. The production was directed by Christian Räth and conducted by Alain Altinoglu. The performance, which captivated the Viennese public totally, was interrupted many times with the applause ending with endless ovation. Steller reviews are coming.

Entsprechend dankbar nimmt sich der Applaus aus, der naturgemäß auch Publikumsliebling Ferruccio Furlanetto (Banquo) und alle übrigen, exzellent besetzten Akteure einschließt. (Von Christoph Irrgeher, Die Presse)

Ferruccio Furlanetto vermag und nach über 30 Jahren auf der Bühne Maßstäbe zu setzen, was Phrasierungskunst, stimmliche Stabilität und Kernigkeit betrifft.(Daniel Ender, Der Standard)

Aus der Besetzung ragt Ferruccio Furlanetto als Banquo heraus – leider ist dieser zu rasch tot (Gert Korentschnig, Kurier)

Als Banquo war mit Ferruccio Furlanetto einer der ganz großen Wiener Publikumslieblinge zu hören ORF1

Der große Ferruccio Furlanetto als Banquo gibt dem Ganzen nebst Würde und gesanglichem Format auch noch den Glanz eines großen Namens (Heinz Sichrovsky,

Aber auch Ferruccio Furlanetto als Banquo und Jorge de Leon Macduff wurden schon während des Stücks mit Anerkennung bedacht. Kleine Zeitung

Ferruccio Furlanetto gefällt als Banquo nach wie vor mit seiner geschmeidigen Stimmführung (Von Oliver Schneider,

Next performances of Macbeth are on October 7, 10, 13, 17, 21 2015,


Photo I.Sakharov

Seit 30 Jahren ein Publicumsliebling!

Anniversary year in Vienna

Published October 3 2015

On October 4 Ferruccio Furlanetto sings Banquo in Macbeth - the first season’s premiere at the Wiener Staatsoper. It will be not only his first Banquo at the House at the Ring, but also big millestone – on October 5 1985 he debuted here as Figaro in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro.

In advance Wiener Staatsoper monthly magazine Prolog published Andreas Lang's feature “Seit 30 Jahren ein Publicumsliebling!” Since his debut Furlanetto sang at the Wiener Staatsoper 20 roles, in the whole gave 260 performances, participated in 6 premiers. He is Kammersanger and Honorary Member of the House. In his Jubilee Vienna season KS Ferruccio Furlanetto will sing Banquo (October 4, 10, 13, 17, 21 2015, June 8, 12, 15, 18 2016); Gremin in Eugene Onegin (October 25, 28, November 2, 5); Fiesco in Simon Boccanegra (May 24, 27, 30, June 4) and Schubert’s Winterreise on November 24.

Also small feature “Prince of the Basses sings Verdi” was published in OE24.


Ferruccio Furlanetto at the Macbeth's Matenee

Watch the full video

Published September 29 2015

Macbeth's Matinee on September 27 at the Vienna State Opera

KS Ferruccio Furlanetto speaks abuot the Banquo, Gremin, upcoming Winterreise and his debut at La Scala with this role under the musical direction of Claudio Abbado. The premier of Macbeth is on October 4 th.

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Or watch it livestreamed on October 13




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