Ferruccio Furlanetto will receive Oscar della Lyrica

The list of recipients announced in Milan today

Published October 30 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto is among the recipients of this year’s opera Oscars, the International Opera Awards. The awards are established by the Arena di Verona Foundation and will be given on December 12 during the ceremony and Gala-concert at the Katara Amphitheater in Doha, Qatar.

Other winners: Maria Agresta (soprano), Renato Bruson (baritone), Francesco Meli (tenor), Marianna Pizzolato (mezzosoprano), Alberto Gazale (bariton), Gustavo Dudamel (conductor), Damiano Michilieletto (director) and Lorenzo Cutuli (set designer). Special awards: Carlo Bergonzi (in Memory), Renato Bruson (career), Samantha Sapienza and Vincenzo Constanzo (New generation)


Ferruccio Furlanetto - Cavaliere di Verdi

Published October 21 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto received a title of Cavaliere di Verdi (Verdi Knight) during the Fuoco di gioia – benefit concert organised by the Club dei 27 during annual Verdi Festival in the Teatro Regio di Parma..He became the first bass who was honored by this award and was greeted on the occasion by other Verdi knights – Mirella Freni and Donato Renzetti. Ferruccio Furlanetto “grateful and almost moved”, - as indicated, - performed two arias “Infelice, e tuo credevi” from Ernani and “Ella giammai m’amò”, wich closed the evening. He sang this aria at the Teatro Regio for the first time at the beginning of his career during the final concert of the contest Voci Verdiane .


Fuoca di Gioia at the Teatro Regio di Parma

Special tribute to Ferruccio Furlanetto

Published October 4 2014

On October 17 Ferruccio Furlanetto participates in the “Fuoca di Gioia” – special concert during Verdi Festival at the Teatro Regio di Parma organized by passionate admirers of composer - Club dei 27. .They dedicate the concert to Verdi, performed by the voices which honor him all over the world.

A special tribute honoring Ferruccio Furlanetto will be held during the evening. He will receive a title of Cavaliere di Verdi (Knight of Verdi) - award established by the Club dei 27 and will become the first bass honored with it. Mirella Freni one of the first Knights of Verdi will come to greet Ferruccio Furlanetto among Verdi Knights as a special guest.

And yes, he will sing of course his signature Philipp II aria «Ella giammai m’amò» accompanied by Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, conductor Antonello Allemandi. In concert also participate Anna Pirozzi, Lynette Tapia, Monica Tarone, Rossana Rinaldi, Gregory Kunde, John Osborn, Vitorio Vitelli and Roberto Tagliavini. It is a charity concert.

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Successful season opening in Sofia

Ovations, flowers and greetings

Published September 28 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto successfully opened opera season of the Sofia National Opera and Ballet Theater, singing Philipp II in “Don Carlo”. .The performance was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Boris Christoff. The theater was completely sold out and ovations lasted for 20 minutes or 30 minutes according to the different sources. There were a lot of flowers and special greetings from the Minuster of Cultur Dr Martin Ivanov and other Bulgarian officials, in the hall was Raina Kabaivanska and Stefka Evstatieva, diplomats and press representatives.

“The wonderful performance of Furlanetto was greeted by long lasted ovations after the aria and at the call….his voice with beautiful timbre and vast range sounds powerful, sweet and fresh. Incomparable acting talent allowed the singer to show excellently the domineering personality and the mental anguish of his hero - Philip II, King of Spain.” KP Balkans

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Sofia: Don Carlo broadcast

Ferruccio Furlanetto as Philipp II in the broadcast from Sofia 20.09.14 19-00

Published September 20 2014

Performance dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Boris Christoff and the 100th Anniversary of the opera director Mihail Hadzhimishev. Celebration jubilee performance with the special participation of Ferruccio Furlanetto as Filippo II

Participants: Ferruccio Furlanetto, Ivan Momirov, Svilen Nikolov, Petar Buchkov, Dimitar Stanchev /Monk/, Radostina Nikolaeva, Cinzia Chiarini, Maria Pavlova, Hristina Buchkova, Georgi Dukov, Irina Zhekova, Alexander Georgiev, Anton Radev, Vanyo Dimitrov, Krastan Krastanov, Stoil Georgiev, Stoyan Balabanov. Conductor GRIGOR PALIKAROV

To the broadcast

Ferruccio Furlanetto interview at the press-conference (audio)


Sofia: just before the curtain goes up

Ferruccio Furlanetto speaks with the journalists

Published September 19 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto performance at the season opening Don Carlo at the Sofia Opera and Ballet is highly anticipated by public and press. . A press-conference on September 18 at the theater raised a big interest among journalists, and Ferruccio Furlanetto generously answered their questions for more then an hour.

Praised by the press as Philipp N 1 of our time Furlanetto said that it is a great privilege for him to be in Don Carlo in the homeland of the great Bulgarian basses – Boris Christoff and Nikolay Ghiaurov – “and to sing the role which in recent years has become my "signature" in the orbit of these big names that precede me. It enriches my career.“

The performance is dedicated to the 100 th anniversary of Boris Christoff, whom he met at his second opera in Torino. “Although I was young, but I immediately appreciated the way he combined great voice with being a great actor. This fascinated me from the beginning and influenced my choice to go on that track - to be the singing actor." Furlanetto also recollected great personality of Bulgarian bass who was very kind with a singer 20 years younger then him. And it was also his great luck "to arrive on time" to work with the great singers, great conductors and the latest generation of great directors”.

Report from the press-conference (with photo gallery)

Ferruccio Furlanetto: Boris Christoff is a starting point in my career

More newsreel

And Ferruccio Furlanetto on BTV news


Don Carlo for Boris Christoff and Bulgaria

Ferruccio Furlanetto opens the season of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Theater

Published September 18 2014


One Glance at the Freedom Gala

Ferruccio Furlanetto successfully opened his 2014-2015 season

Published September 10 2014


Freedom Gala in Budapest

Ferruccio Furlanetto opens 2014-15 season with the significant event

Published August 30 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto participates in the special event celebrating the opening of the border between Hungary and Deutschland in 1989. . To commemorate this the Freedom Opera Gala will be held in front of the Hungarian State Opera at the Andrassy Avenue stage. The Gala featuring Anja Kampe, Andrea Rost, Piotr Beczała and Ferruccio Furlanetto starts at 20-00 Conducted by Peter Halasz.

To the Gala Program


"One Wants to Listen to Infinity"

Russian press about the recital in Ossiah

Published August 29 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto’s recital in Ossiah with Rachmaninov and Mussorgsky’s songs raised a big interest in the Russian press. . Several Russian journalists attended the concert The first reviews appeared - in Vedomosti :

“Although the local church can’t accommodate the entire volume of the Furlanetto’s voice, Mussorgsky was especially good. His "Songs and Dances of Death" - a difficult test for all, but the Italian bass was able to convey the drama of the cycle, particularly in the "Lullaby" and "The Commander."(A.Mokrousov)

And the magazine Opera+:

Furlanetto’s Russian program speaks about the eternal - love and death – and it fitted this site very fine. Italian singer prepared this program long time ago, in the mid-90s with Alexis Weissenberg, now performes it with Russian pianist Igor Tchetuev. Works and their sequence is always the same, but Furlanetto sings them each time differently, investing his current state of mind and being under the influence of the "genius loci". In Russian romances he is always sincere, always pathetic, the boundary between the lyrical hero and performer is removed, so that each of the stories is perceived as "a story about himself."

This season Furlanetto celebrated the 40th anniversary of his stage career, but his voice sounds like a full-blooded and fresh as ever. In the romances he is not trying to "reduce" his big voice, but it sounds different than in the opera, with an extraordinary clarity, nuances and colors. At some point, the vocality was of such beauty that one wants to listen to some moments to infinity when the "submissive wrenching sound makes the soul younger."














Photo © CS/Neumueller

Sensual Journey into the Exciting Sounds

Ferruccio Furlanetto with Russian songs at the Carinthian Summer

Published August, 22 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto sang a Russian recital at the Carintian Summer Festival in Ossiah (Austria) with tremendous success. The first reviews are coming praising compelling performance of Italian singer so well acquainted with the soul of Russian music.

Willi Rainer in the Kleine Zeitung noted in his review that Furlanetto presented a full spectrum of his magnificent voice with spectacular shine and force, with moments of delicate sound and big dramatic expressiveness. And even without full understanding of Russian words the public and reviewer were captivated by the “meaningful sensuality of the songs”.

Mit einer Phrasierung in großen Bögen und mitreißender Ausdruckskraft brachte er seine wunderbare, voluminöse und dunkel gefärbte Stimme voll zur Wirkung.

Furlanetto stellte dabei die ganze Bandbreite seines grandiosen stimmlichen Formats uneitel vor. Differenziert und ruhig, aber auch mit grandiosem Glanz und aufwühlender Kraft, mit zarter Einfühlsamkeit und charaktervoller Expressivität. Auch wenn die russischen Texte nicht verständlich waren, konnte man sich der sinnstiftenden Sinnlichkeit des Gesanges nicht entziehen.

The Austrian critic also prased Russian pianist Igor Tchetuev, with whom Ferruccio Furlanetto collaborates from 2008.

Before the concert Ferruccio Furlanetto spoke to the Kleine Zeitung about his upcoming recital at the Carinthian Summer in Ossiah: The place is magical. The land and the lake are simply wondeful. And the baroque church itself is not only a visual poem, but possesses a phenomenal acoustics. He also spoke about Mozart, Karajan, regietheater in the opera and his Liederabend program.

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Photo © CS/Neumueller

Russian Lieder at the Carintische Sommer

Don’t miss Ferruccio Furlanetto in the recital

Published August, 17 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto returns to the Carintische Sommer Festival to sing a recital: Russian Lieder of Rachmainov and Mussorgsky, including “Songs and Dances of Death”. During the season Furlanetto already performed this program with the great success at the Grand Theater of Geneva and Berlin Philharmonia.

Der Tagesspiegel reported:

Furlanetto spielt virtuos auf der vokalen Farbpalette. Und schlüpft dabei quasi mitten hinein in die dramatische Situation der Lieder, die Rachmaninow auf Texte von Puschkin, Goethe oder Heine geschrieben hat. Sie besingen die Natur, den Fluss, den Flieder und – in Russland immer wieder ein elementares Ereignis – den Sieg des Frühlings. Aus einem schlichten „Ich rufe Deinen Namen in die Dunkelheit“ macht Furlanetto ein existenzielles Drama. Dass Igor Tchetuev am Klavier die Stimmung herunterkühlt, zwar perlend, dabei aber analytisch spielt, das passt: Es grundiert, kontrastiert, befördert Furlanettos emotionalen Parforceritt.

It is the second appearance of Ferruccio Furlanetto at the Austrian Festival: in 2012 he debuted here with his first “Winterreise” in Austria. The highly successful performance at the Collegiate Church of Ossiach was praised by the public and the press.

The Ossiach church dates back to the 11th century, allows 600 seats and possesses wonderful aqustics.

For more information and tickets


Ferruccio Furlanetto

Photo Igor Sakharov

One More Glance Back

Season 2013-2014 highlights

Published August, 16 2014

During 2013-14 season Ferruccio Furlanetto celebrated his 40 years on stage giving stellar performances around the globe, singing his favorite and highly acclaimed parts. He participated in the 37 opera shows, sang 5 recitals and 3 Verdi Requiems. He performed three leading parts at the Vienna State Opera, two roles and the recital at the Mariinsky Theater (including his Russian debut with the role of Prince Gremin), opened the season at the Teatro San Carlo in Napoli and performed for the very first time in Canada. During the season also appeared at the Grand Theater of Geneve, Berlin Philharmonia, Teatro La Scala, Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, San Diego Opera, Teatro Real Madrid etc. He collaborated with Franz Welser-Möst, Nikola Luisotti, Valery Gergiev, Massimo Zanetti and James Conlon.

The favorite role of Massenet’s Don Quichotte was dominating during the season (“Fortunately, Furlanetto is Don Quixote.(U-T San Diego) ): he performed it 14 times to the highest critical acclaim. In San Diego his performance inspired to save the company, in Moscow Bolshoi Theater it was first time on stage after legendary Feodor Chaliapin’s time, in St.Petersburg it was finally filmed for DVD and in Toronto it marked his Canadian debut.

Another key part of Ferruccio Furlanetto’s repertory – Boris Godunov – returned to Vienna State Opera and was heard for the first time in France and Spain on tour with L'Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse under the baton of Tugan Sokhiev (newly appointed musical chief of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow). All performances turned to be a real triumph of Italian bass. „Furlanetto shines in Boris Godunov" the review about Vienna performance in the Kurier was titled.

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Ferruccio Furlanetto - Philip II

Photo Ken Howard

Don Carlo for the Boris Christoff Anniversary

Ferruccio Furlanetto will open the season of the Sofia Opera

Published August, 14 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto will be a guest star in Don Carlo on September 20, which will open the season of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Theater. This performance will be part of the Boris Christoff’s Jubilee celebrations and will mark also the 100th Anniversary of the opera director Mihail Hadzhimishev.

Furlanetto has big personal admiration for Boris Christoff with whom he sang his very second opera in Torino where he was a Monk in Don Carlo and Christoff - King Philipp II.

Press reports about Ferruccio Furlanetto's king Philip:“As Philip II, Ferruccio Furlanetto boasts a powerful stage presence and a voice both charged with authority and haunted by inner demons.” (Barry Millington, London Evening Standard), emphasised the character’s humanity and loneliness with a large-scale performance and his cavernous bass remains undimmed, likewise his stage presence.” (Francis Muzzu, Opera Now), “Furlanetto is one of those rare basses who can reach down to any note, however low, with a formidable amplitude that fills the house.” (Daily Mail).

Ferruccio Furlanetto will perform at the Sofia Opera House for the first time.

To the Sofia Opera and Ballet

To the full 2014-2015 schedule


Ferruccio Furlanetto - Philip II

Photo Ken Howard

Don Carlo in Australia

Ferruccio Furlanetto will perform King Philip in Sidney

Published August, 11 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto will give nine performances of Don Carlo under the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House from July 14 till August 15 2015, making his Australian opera debut in the Elijah Moshinksy production of the opera.

Opera Australia is Australia’s national opera company, presenting more than 700 performances and playing to more than half a million people each year. The role of Philipp II is a key part in Ferruccio Furlanetto’s repertoire highly appreciated around the world. Next season he will also perform it at the Vienna State Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and the Sofia National Opera

In his recent performances of this role Ferruccio Furlanetto was “singing with an imposing authority that embraced equally Philip II’s fearsome power and his inner weakness” (Richard Fairman, Financial Times)

“The Filippo II of Ferruccio Furlanetto is a wonder of this or any other operatic age… His every word tellingly weighed and sculpted, his imposing but fragile mien telling of emotional need so overpowering that it threatens to shatter his austere facade, Furlanetto in Verdi’s most inspired scenes…musters a level of greatness that inspires awe.” (Marion Lignana Rosenberg,The Classical Review)

To the full 2014-2015 schedule


In the memory of Gerard Mortier

A book of memories was presented at the Salsburg Summer Festival

Published August, 5 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto participated in the Gedenkstunde für Gerard Mortier und Hans Landesmann held in Salzburg. It was accompanied by a presentation of the book dedicated to the memory of the former Salzburg Summer Festival artistic director Gerard Mortier..

Ferruccio Furlanetto in his piece "It will always be in my heart and mind..." recollects:

I have been very lucky in my career to be working with geniuses like von Karajan, Giulini, Solti, Ponnelle, Strehler, Faggioni, Zeffirelli and many others of that caliber, but I will remember Gerard Mortier with gratitude and respect for the amazing productions which changed my level of artistry, for his friendship, for the privilege of having deserved his esteem and, above all, for his humanity.

He will forever be remembered as one of those charismatic personalities who made history in theater and who had the talent to transform young artists in great artistic realities.

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During Gerard Mortier’s artistic directorship in Salzburg Ferruccio Furlanetto interpreted the roles of Mozart’s Figaro, Don Alfonso, and Don Giovanni, as well as Filippo in “Don Carlo” and sang a recital (with Alexis Weisenberg)

The whole list of Ferruccio Furlanetto's performances at the Salzburg Summer Festival

Ferruccio Furlanetto's interview about Salzburg


Photo V.Baranovsky

Ferruccio Furlanetto sang his first Gremin in Russia

And became the first western Gremin at Mariinsky

Published July, 6 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto finished his 2013-14 season with the part of Gremin at the Mariinsky stage during the Stars of White Nights Festival.. It was his debut with the highly acclaimed part in Russia (already heard at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Salzburg Summer Festival, the Vienna State Opera and in Budapest). His performance was highly anticipated: it was first appearance of the Western singer as Gremin on the Mariinsky stage. On the day of performance it was on NTV news and was named a historical event.

Ferruccio Furlanetto’s appearance in the part raised huge interest: the theater was completely sold out and many came especially to the third act to hear Italian bass.

Furlanetto appeared in a lovely Yuri Temirkanov’s production of the opera (premiered in 1982 and shown 112 times) - the most authentic Eugeny Onegin, close to Pushkin’s novel. In his scene Prince Gremin – a noble Russian general, hero of 1812 war with Napoleon - appears at the ball in the Noble Assembly Hall in St.Petersburg (now Big Hall of St.Petersburg Philharmonia), which Igor Ivanov’s sets recreates. After the aria the public cheered Furlanetto with the long lasted ovation, repeated at the curtain call.

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Ferruccio Furlanetto exeles as Don Quichotte

Highlights of the Stars of the White Nights Festival

Published June, 29 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto starred in two performances of Massenet’s Don Quichotte with great success.. The Yannis Kokkos production was premiered in 2012 and became huge hit with the public and the press. It was also shown on tour at the Golden Mask festival on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater and received the stellar reviews.

This time the performances of Ferruccio Furlanetto was also highly anticipated by the ITAR-TASS and other press recourses. The singer was named by the press the main Don Quichotte of XXI century.

The present performance at Mariinsky impressed also Vesa Siren, correspondent of the the Helsinki Sanomat newspaper: How many Finns have seen live presentation of Don Quichotte? - he asks. He also writes that Ferruccio Furlanetto starring in the title role was excellent embodiment of the main hero – funny and noble; vocally at the best and graceful.

The next appearance of Ferruccio Furlanetto is the Winterreise at the Mariinsky Concert Hall, which will be transmitted live by the Mariinsky TV.

And on July 4 he will sing his first Gremin in Russia.


Ferruccio Furlanetto gave life to Giovanni di Procida

Performances in the memory of Gerard Mortier

Published June, 23 2014

All three concert performances of I Vespri Siciliani became great success with 10 minutes ovations and stellar reviews in the press. Ferruccio Furlanetto dedicated his performances to the memory of the late Gerard Mortier: I will try my best to honor his name in the last project that took birth from his mind and will,the Vespri Siciliani at the Teatro Real of Madrid.

From the press:

Ferruccio Furlanetto gave life to Giovanni di Procida, the Sicilian patriot…there is not a word, not a syllable, that lacks intention. The one-dimensional Procida is not one of his best roles because an artist like Furlanetto excels in the most dramatically complicated characters (Don Quichotte, Boris Godunov or Jacopo Fiesco). José Irurzun, Seen and Heard International

Ferruccio Furlanetto demostró su experiencia y años sobre los escenarios con los acentos más intencionados e incisivos de todo el reparto. Ese saber decir y sentido de la “parola scenica” tan importantes en Verdi. Además, suena a bajo y conserva rotundidad, volumen y amplitud. El timbre siempre fue más bien ingrato, poco noble, escasamente mórbido, además de acusar el lógico desgaste y su canto correcto, pero falto de clase. Raúl Chamorro Mena, Codalario

Con el bajo Ferruccio Furlanetto, como Procida, experimentamos una sensación de seguridad y peso. Impresionan sus notas bajas que emite con una claridad y rotundidad apabulladora. JOSÉ R. DÍAZ SANDE, Madrid Teatro

Ferruccio Furlanetto como Giovanni di Procida, fue tal vez el más ovacionado de la noche, sólido, majestuoso, concentrado e introvertido dando vida al uchador por la libertad, papel que aseguró con la misma tenacidad con que desarrolla habitualmente un Don Quijote o un Felipe II lúgubre y agónico en el Don Carlo. Fue muy ovacionado durante todo el transcurso de la ópera y también al final. Siempre grande. Emocionante.

El público vitoreó, aplaudió, consagró con “bravi” si hacía falta, una velada de campanillas. Alicia Perris, Operaclick

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Emotion, Sensitivity and Wisdom

Ferruccio Furlanetto sang the role of Procida with the great success

Published June, 14 2014

The first night of the concert performance of I Vespri Siciliani at the Teatro Real Madrid was a great success. The public cheered the vocal brilliance of the main quartet of singers: Julianna di Giacomo (Elena), Piero Pretti (Arrigo), Franco Vassallo (Monforte) and Ferruccio Furlanetto (Procida) with the standing ovation.

The first reviews are coming. Alberto Gonzalez Lapuente writing for the ABC marks that Ferruccio Furlanetto built the character of Gionanni di Procida with wisdom and skillful dramatization. (Ferruccio Furlanetto construye con sabiduría y hábil dramatización el personaje de Gionanni di Procida).

Laura Furones from points that the role “fell in the safe hands of Ferruccio Furlanetto and he “carried his complex character elegantly.” focuses on the great voice of the singer “with cavernous timbre, resonant, immense power and no sign of senile vibrato. His "O tu Palermo" offered a dose of emotion and sensitivity of the great artist.

(...timbre cavernoso, resonante, inmensa potencia y ni rastro de vibrato senil. En su “O tu Palermo” ofreció una dosis de emoción y sensibilidad de esas que solo le dan las canas a los grandes artistas.)

José Luis Pérez Arteaga at the praises great phrasing of the artist. (...siempre eficaz, gran matizador de frases, Ferruccio Furlanetto, como el bueno-malo “Procida”)

The next performances on 14, 17.06. The last one will be on the air by the National Spanish Radio.


Hungarian Opera House

Freedom Gala and Don Carlo for Boris Christoff anniversary

2014-2015 Season will include Budapest and Sofia

Published May, 8 2014

Ferruccio Furlanetto starts his 2014 – 2015 season on September 6 participating in the important event at the Hungarian State Opera in Budapest - Freedom Opera Gala commemorating 25 years of the opening of the border between Hungary and Eastern Germany. The Gala in which Anja Kampe and Piotr Beczala also stars will be attended by important political figures and broadcasted to the European Union countries by the Duna TV.

His next appearance on September 20 as Philipp II in Don Carlo at the Sofia National Opera is also significant one, since it dedicated to the 100’s anniversary of Boris Christoff.

I grew up in a veneration of Cesare Siepi and Boris Cristoff and they were in a way a light tower for me. …

Cristoff - whom I met in my very second opera in Torino, when I was singing the monk in “Don Carlo” while he was singing King Philip – he gave me the idea not only to be a singer but also an interpreter, to love to be an actor on stage, to love to create characters and to succeed in that. And looking at him and study whatever little gesture he was doing and understanding how a tiny movement and little gestures can be much more important than a big one - this was very important, as much as how to use your voice.

Ferruccio Furlanetto will continue to perform Philipp II during 2014-15 season at the Vienna State Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and one appointment will be announced later. The season also includes his debut as Prince Khovansky in Mussorgsky’s Khovanshina (Vienna State Opera), return to Simon Boccanegra (Fiesco) and several concerts.

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